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Atelier ExC in Ghent is a Fashion House located in Belgium, famous for its stunning pieces of haute couture.


Discover the latest 'Aurora Collection

Introducing our brand new SS20 AURORA Collection by Atelier ExC that features 16 unique styles. A collection that has been inspired by a natural light phenomenon 'Aurora Borealis'. Each gown presents a astronomical name. In all, encapsulates the ideals of being present in the moment, take yourself away from the noise..


"Reflects everything around you, live in the moment and be inspired by your surroundings."



Glamour, feminine, confidence

Through her couture line, designer/stylist Ebru Sari captures the shape and beauty of women in her unique pieces of fashion, radiating elegance and confidence. All creations being authentic and tailor-made, Ebru Sari redefines the inner beauty of women and makes you feel glamorous at all times.


Haute Couture

Atelier ExC - Haute CoutureAtelier ExC offers tailor-made haute couture in Ghent. Your own exclusive dress? Atelier ExC realizes your dream from design to creation. Because every woman deserves to feel beautiful.


Atelier ExC collection

We invite you to have a look at the tailor-made creations of Atelier ExC in our fashion house in Ghent. Our collection includes bridal wear, casual ready-to-wear and accessories for modern and dynamic women.


Exclusive brands

In addition to our own creations, we sell a wide variety of other luxury fashion brands. Visit our fashion house and discover the latest trends in fashion. More information or an appointment? Contact us today.


Official partner of Miss Belgium

As a top designer and owner of the ExC Fashion House, Ebru Sari creates a signature of glamour with a dash of luxury. Being the official partner of Miss Belgium, Atelier ExC is known for its unique haute couture and captivating collections of bridal wear, casual ready-to-wear designs and accessories for young women with modern, dynamic lifestyles.


Get in touch

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490,00 EUR  
Mark : Atelier ExC
875,00 EUR  
Mark : Atelier ExC
345,00 EUR  
Mark : Atelier ExC
Moschino Biker Belt Bag In Nappa Leather
895,00 EUR  
Mark : Moschino Couture
Moschino Black  M Shoulder Bag
590,00 EUR  
Mark : Moschino Couture
Moschino Gold Quilted Monogram Shoulder Bag
545,00 EUR  
Mark : Moschino Couture
Moschino Iphone X/XS Teddy Bear Cover
45,00 EUR  
Mark : Moschino Couture
Moschino Lettering Jewel Bracelet
185,00 EUR  
Mark : Moschino Couture
Moschino Clip-On Earrings W/ Crystals
140,00 EUR  
Mark : Moschino Couture
Moschino Teddy Toy Iphone X/XS Cover
85,00 EUR  
Mark : Moschino Couture
STAR Dress
425,00 EUR  
Mark : Atelier ExC
Trick Or Chic Sequin Shopping Bag
545,00 EUR  
Mark : Moschino Couture

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